After begging and pleading on my knees... 

Google Beta Tester Unleashes His Cutting Edge Yet Simple
Retargeting Tool For A Limited Time! 

Upload this simple WordPress plugin and start getting hyper-targeted
leads that triple your profits with little extra effort..

Dear Future Retargeting Wiz,

If your websites are not converting as well as they should be, then you are about to be very happy!

Can you tell me if any of the following apply to you?

  • You have a great product but it isn't selling as well as it should be?
  • You can't find the right targeted traffic for your online offerings?
  • Are you tired of putting up websites, going to bed in the morning and not making money while you sleep?
  • You have heard of retargeting but you don't know how to do it... or
  • You have never heard of retargeting...

Before You Continue Reading Take a Look at
ONE Of Shawn's Recent Retargeting Campaigns

And Demonstrates the Power of Retargeting

So you can see above that Shawn was paying less than $1.00 for every 1000 views... and not only that it generated 100 new paying monthly customers. 75% of whom joined at the $200 a month level and the remaining 25 at $100 per month.

This $1742.97 in Retargeting Ad Spend added over $20,000 per month of income to Shawn's SAAS (Software As A Service) company.

Discover an Easy Daily Strategy From a Guy Who Has
Driven over 1 MILLION leads on Adwords

Briefly retargeting is a form of advertising which you may well have seen where once you visit a website wherever you go on the web after seeing that site you will see adverts trying to drive you back to that website.

It is probably the most cost effective form of advertising there is and indeed experts like my friend Shawn I mentioned in the video above describe retargeting as the most exciting thing to have ever happened to them in their business.

If you are not getting results like this there is a possibility that you aren't doing it right - of course you could just be lazy and not do any work - in which case stop reading this now... But if you do work and aren't getting results like this the chances are you aren't doing it right, if at all.

Two years ago I met Shawn Shellenbarger at an event in Orlando, Florida. I had heard of retargeting but I definitely wasn't doing it... It sounded way too complicated for me...

But after talking to Shawn I realised I was in the presence of genius.

He started working online in 2001 and had at the time been building a software business for the last 11 years. It had gone from nothing to selling $25 million worth and most of that had happened because Shawn had completely mastered paid traffic.

Indeed he was asked by Google to beta test what later became known as retargeting...

And was so successful Google recently gave him a cooler for successfully getting over 1 million leads through Google adwords.

So I think it is safe to say that Shawn knows what he is talking about!

In the intervening years since we first met I have been trying to persuade Shawn that we should do something together.

Now I am a WordPress guy and when Shawn told me he had developed Retargeting Wiz I almost literally begged him to let me introduce it to the world and after selling his company he finally agreed... and so here you are today.

You will not be disappointed. This is genius in it's simplicity


Get Retargeting Wiz Now

100% Risk Free

"I have used this plugin and I can't tell you all the bad assery that you can make happen with it.
It's one of the best plugins I have seen - EVER.
Everyone wants to learn about retargeting and Justin and Shawn are about to put it on you in a big way.."

Roger Rowe

My Affiliate Apprentice

Where to Use Retargeting Wiz

 No matter what your needs are retargeting wiz is incredibly powerful.

Whether you sell T-Shirts on TeeSpring or you are a Plastic Surgeon selling nose jobs, you can use Retargeting Wiz to build fast targeted lists simply by sharing links in the same way you normally do.

For your emails, for your blog posts, for your social media, for your press releases and much more...

Now with Retargeting Wiz you can build massive lists and talk to your audience appealing to what they just clicked on...

Watch A Demonstration of
Retargeting Wiz

Now you can send traffic to any link you like and easily add them to one or several remarketing lists.

Instantly Making Your Traffic More Profitable!

You are going to get really EXCITED after you install Retargeting Wiz!

If you ever struggle with converting traffic into sales then you need to grab this special on Retargeting Wiz. You can instantly convert traffic that visited your pages about your products for sale and then left.

This is your chance to have your banners follow these users around the web!

We discovered a way to retarget people even if you are sending them to an article about organic dog treats. Anyone you send to that link would have a pretty specific interest in pets and organic treats etc right?

You can easily retarget anyone who reads or shares this link!

Do cool things get shared on Facebook?
You can easily retarget anyone who views your link through social sharing as well.

Find Your Best Customers EASILY!

Relax and let the Retargeting Wiz plugin do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is sit back and let this plugin build your retargeting lists for you.

So Let's Take a Look At What You Get
When You Buy Retargeting Wiz Today

The WordPress Plugin

The RetargetingWiz plugin that lets you make more money from your traffic immediately after installing..

Retargeting Wiz allows you to create links that will add a targeted audience wherever you want them..

Whether that be Social Media, Email or direct from your website.

The Retargeting Guide

Shawn has been using retargeting since it first began...

Over that time he has developed a tried and true system to ensure that he profits from retargeting.

In Retargeting Domination he gives you ten ideas that are essential for you to get the best return on your retargeting investment.



Use this on one of your sites


Single Site Only

All features work

Easy to Use

Sets up in Seconds

Full Training Given

Retargeting Wiz - Standard



Use this on 100 of your sites


Use on 100 domains

All features work

Easy to Use

Sets up in Seconds

Full Training Given

Retargeting Wiz - Multisite



Use this on unlimited sites, including client sites


Unlimited Domains

Use on your client sites

Easy to Use

Sets up in Seconds

Full Training Given

Retargeting Wiz - Developer

Get Retargeting Wiz Now

100% Risk Free

WP Compatibility

Isn’t it annoying when WordPress releases a new version and your plug-ins suddenly stop working?

My team and I guarantee that’ll never happen with RetargetingWiz.


By purchasing Retargeting Wiz you get access to our training Center. This includes videos and an extensive training manual on installing and using the plug-in.

You will also get suggestions on how to get the maximum benefit from your purchase of Retargeting Wiz.

Live Person
Support Desk

If you just need personal assistance ASAP, my team and I have your back and will personally answer your questions within one working day!

(How often do you see free human help with software these days?!)?


Try Retargeting Wiz for 30 Days. If we can’t get it to work the way you expect it to, just ask and we’ll give you your money back.

You will get automatic updates for RetargetingWiz whenever they are needed. We use our plugins ourselves and are always updating them to keep up with WordPress’ continual evolution.

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